Online Entry Tests Preparation Pakistan

Different Types of Online Entry Tests in Pakistan

A good news is that students can take part in all kinds of online entry tests  like from NTS tests to CSS exams, MCAT tests to ECAT exams and ETEA tests to so on. All these types of entry tests are very important for students because without passing competitive exams it is difficult to get admission in reputable colleges and universities. Each entry test has certain rules, but students will have to meet these requirements intelligibly for ensuring their admission.

The General Rules for Competitive Exams in Pakistan

The main objective of a competitive exam is to ensure your admission in a reputable college or university. There are four main rules for online entry tests preparation Pakistan. These rules are known as verbal ability, analytical reasoning, quantitative reasoning and subject knowledge. Let’s discuss them one by one:


  • When it comes to verbal ability exam, it is designed in English language to evaluate student’s intelligence and their understanding about English language.
  • Second analytical reasoning evaluates student’s analytical skills as it involves various sections like paragraph, set tables and facts. In analytical reasoning exam, you will have to find out a solution to the specific problem.
  • The quantitative reasoning is based on arithmetic rules. So if you are good at mathematics, you can clear the exam.
  • Finally it is necessary for students to have the basic subject knowledge while giving the online entry tests.

Often competitive exams are MCQs based exams. Therefore if you want to clear online entry test in Pakistan, you will have to improve your knowledge and IQ level as early as possible. A great thing is that students can now prepare these exams by sitting at their homes in front of  the computers.