How to Attempt an ESSAY IN CSS EXAMS (PART 1)



All the applicants who qualify for CSS exams have to go through a written test of compulsory subjects.

The most important compulsory subject in CSS exams is Essay Writing. Almost 50 % of candidates failed to achieve the required passing marks in Essay. This is not because of their less css exams preparation or less knowledge but because of the poor planning and avoiding the standard essay writing format. Here are first three key points that will help you in  writing an Essay in CSS exams to score good marks.

  1. Choosing the Topic

Choosing a right topic on which you can write a good essay means half work done.  Often the CSS aspirants failed to choose the right topic due to the confusing nature of essay topics. They failed to understand the deep down requirement of the invigilator. One should understand the meanings of each and every word of essay topic and then choose the topic on which the aspirant has the required knowledge and information.


You can understand the importance of preparing the outline by seeing the heading in Uppercase. Preparing the outline, a diagram , flowchart or whatever you may call it is not meant to help anyone else but your own self.

The outline is a set of simple headings assigned to the collective knowledge regarding the essay topic  enabling  you to see the linkages between the ideas  and knowledge in a clear manner. The easiest way to prepare an outline to write the Essay topic on top of page and then list down the main ideas. A little shall be left after each main idea to include the sub ideas later on.

  1. The body

The body of essay defines and explain the topic of essay. The outline which was created in the previous step will be explained on section wise basis.

The ideas will be expressed in paragraphs having similar structure i.e.; introductory sentence followed by supporting ideas and detailed examples with a conclusion if required.

This is part one of “How to  Attempt an ESSAY IN CSS exams” series. Stay tuned and we will write about part two in which we will cover Introduction, Conclusion and Finishing tips to help in css exams preparation.