English Grammar Online Course

We are pleased to start a course on English grammar. The course is structured to make sure that any individual who is willing to understand the basics of English can learn something out of it.

What is included in the English Grammar Online Course

English Grammar Online Course will include all the fundamentals of English grammar including following:

  • PART  One -You will learn about the  “Sentences”  sentence types, sentence structure, subjects, predicates, fragments, and run-on sentences.
  • Part 2 “Nouns” includes  singular nouns, plural nouns, common nouns, proper nouns, irregular plural nouns, and possessive nouns.
  • Part 3 “Verbs” contains action verbs, linking verbs, verb phrases, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, contractions with verbs, tenses, irregular verbs, and subject-verb agreement.
  • Part 4 “Pronouns” contains  personal pronouns, antecedents, subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, and indefinite pronouns.
  • Part 5 “Adjectives” contains identifying adjectives and proper adjectives and the comparison of adjectives.
  • Part 6 “Adverbs” includes identifying adverbs, the comparison of adverbs, and double negatives.
  • Part 7 “Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections”  prepositions, prepositional phrases, adjective phrases
  • Part 8 “Tenses”  in detail

How will you Learn

We will be including detail information on the subject of study, followed with interactive quizzes and exercises to maximize your learning. We will also try to include different videos to make the English grammar easy for you.

English Grammar Online Course Outcomes

  • The main outcome is to give you a basic understanding of English grammar so that you can speak , read and write English.
  • The course will help you in understanding the structure of English language sentence
  • You would be able to get good marks when it comes to English, if you are studying
  • If you are working, this course will improve your English in an effective manner.

English Grammar Online Course Updates

The course will be updated on daily basis

Course Material

The course will be available to download in pdf format, any videos included in the course will also be made available for download to the student.