CSS Exam Guidelines

The Participation of Intelligent Students in CSS Exam

Approximately 5000 students take part in CSS Exam in Pakistan each year. Around 600 candidates succeed in the CSS written test. If you are going to appear in the upcoming CSS exam, keep in mind that you have to compete against 5000 candidates in the competitive exam. Indeed, it is possible to clear and get high scores in CSS exams, but you will have to work hard in order to get succeeded in the competitive exam.

CSS Exam Guidelines

If you are very serious to attempt CSS exam, then you will have to polish your educational skills and improve your general knowledge as quickly as possible.

The candidates have to appear in 12 CSS subjects, out of which 6 subjects are compulsory and remaining 6 subjects are optional. When it comes to the compulsory subjects, they include English Essay, Current Affairs, Everyday Science, Pakistan Affairs and ISLAMIYAT. On the other hand, options subjects are also very important because they help the students getting high grades in their competitive exams. Despite that there are some important CSS exam guidelines for students.

  • Remember that CSS exam evaluates two things in the students, one is advanced level of general knowledge whereas second is great IQ level. So if you such skills, nobody can stop you getting higher grades in the CSS exam.
  • You have to improve your English grammar skills and get basic arithmetic knowledge as soon as possible.
  • Finally you have to practice CSS MCQs daily because it is a must to get succeeded in the competitive exam.

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