Analytical reasoning Questions in CSS exams


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Analytical reasoning questions  are important part of all types of entry test exams. The questions are also asked in the CSS exams and other tests by NTS.

What is analytical Reasoning?

Analytical Reasoning are questions that are used to test the common sense and logic aptitude of a candidate. The questions often comes with set conditions and rules, whereby the answers are to be provided by using basic mathematical or conceptual logic.

Types of Questions

There are different types of questions which are asked in the analytical reasoning section: these include Seating Arrangements or Sequencing, Blood relations, Groupings and Comparisons types question.

Basic rules  to solve the Analytical Reasoning Questions in CSS exams.

Here are basic set of rules to solve the analogy Questions

  1. The first and most important rule of solving the analytical Reasoning Questions is to read the question at least twice – however this rule applies to almost all types of entry tests.
  1. The second rule to solve analytical reasoning question is to draw a visual/diagram for the question. The visualization of the question will transform the text based question into a diagram or flow chart. As a result of which you will be saving half of your time.
  2. Watch out for ir-relevant information in the question. Often, the instructors include certain information in the questions which have no link (direct or indirect) with the question, The purpose of this information is to divert the candidate’s attention from the real solution and to test his aptitude.
  3. Cross the answers which does not seems to be a correct choice in first look.
  4. If you are having a difficulty in solving a question, better don’t waste time on it and move on to next question, you can always return to this question and retry solving it.

If you follow these basic steps, you will be doing great in the css exams in Pakistan.